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    Creating Message List in Filemaker 10



      Creating Message List in Filemaker 10


      I moved from Bento to Filemaker 10 Pro.  I used a field type in Bento called Message list which allowed me to drag and drop emails from imail or Outlook relating to a specific record.  Does anyone have a script they are willing to share? Does anyone know of a third party tool which would do this?




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          Thank you for your post.


          For those unfamiliar with Bento, a Message List field is a field that allows you to link to your Email program (usually Apple Mail with Bento).  For example, if you have a Projects table, and you want to view all emails assigned to this project.


          With Bento, the linking is done manually; not through a key field.  In Bento, you can drag and drop email messages into the Message List field.


          With that preface, does anyone know of a plug-in or utility that allows you to connect email messages to a table/record?



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                 Did you ever find a way to do this? I, too, would like to store emails in a message list, or whatever something similar Filemaker might offer, for each entrant in my database. I don't want the email content; a link to the email in my mail app would be just fine.