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Creating most current date field... from earlier post

Question asked by vlight on Mar 5, 2013
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Creating most current date field... from earlier post


     I have an additional question for the person who sent me an answer to an earlier post of mine:

     The title on the former post was:  Creating a separate field to show the most current Date in a table of Notes

- - Here's my Update Question - -

     On my original post, please notice my last ⁋.  That part is still not working correctly, and i request any help you can give me.  

     I now have just the one field "dateCreateOccurd" where it auto-enters the creation date when the Conversation note is created, but i've now made it user-modifiable so that an "actual occurrence date" can be typed in if needed.  

     And in the sorted portal, it does show the most current date at the top, let's say 3/2 (followed below of course by the earlier dates).  

     However, i still need to "capture" the fact (on another screen, in a related table) that the most current Conversation with THIS person was on 3/2.  But instead it is showing the most recent Conversation with ANYONE (in the Notes table, which in this case, is showing 3/4, due to a conversation with a different person on 3/4).

     The 2 tables are People, and Notes (and Notes has 3 types: C/conversations, F/file note, N/next step)

     In Notes, i'm using 3 fields for this:

     1.  dateCreateOccurd (auto-enter creation date, but user-modifiable)

     2.  c_MaxDate_IfConvers (calc =  If (type="c" ; Max(dateCreateOccurd) ;  " )

     3.  s_MaxConversDate  (summary  = Max of  c_MaxDate_IfConvers  )

     Any suggestions as to how i can get it to show me the correct date for the most recent conversation note with a particular person, NOT the most recent conversation note across ALL people.   Thanks.