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Creating multi level conditional value lists

Question asked by patrickgreenetvg on Dec 13, 2009
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Creating multi level conditional value lists


Hello, I have followed the instructions for creating conditional value lists but my third and fourth level fields are only conditional upon the first field. That is to say that only the second level works properly as a conditional value field. I followed the instructions in the thread 


Creating Conditional Value Lists


And then tried to  use it on multiple levels to no avail. I worked with the relationships in the Manage Data Base screen but no additional relationships with the pertinent fields seemed to help. The fields I am working with are




Type 3



the 2 tables I am working with are





At this point I have the fields set up in both Tables and a relationship between Type1 in both Tables. Fields Type2, Type3 and Item are only showing conditional values based on the selection in Type1 and therefore Type3 and Item do not display the properly filtered values.


Thanks for any help.  


I am using FileMaker 10.0v1 on Mac OSX.