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Creating Multiple interacting databases.

Question asked by SeamusDoone on Mar 30, 2012
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Creating Multiple interacting databases.


I am attempting to add a layout/seperate database into another database.  I know how to do this and how to make it seemless to go from one to the other.  My problem is making them interact properly.

The problem is that I have to take info from database A and rearrange/extract some of that information to excel in order to place into my new database, we'll call this database B.  So database A records every transaction and creates a new record for each one.  Database B compiles this information to list the total number of transactions associated with each customer.  So in Database A there could be 10 seperate records containing details about each transaction and in Database B there is one record containing total customer transactions, so the one record has 10 transactions with product details etc.  

In order to acheive this I have exported the data from Database A into an Excel file to reorganize and condense the data.  Is there a way to make this even more seemless?  Basically my goal is to have Database B account for additional records being created in Database A by recognizing the name on the new record and adding 1 to the transaction total in Database B.  So if there were 10 transactions/records in Database A for Customer A I want Database B to recognize Customer A and simply add one to all coorelating transaction totals.  So if Customer A purchases Product A a new record in Database A would translate to an addition to the total in Database B.


Can anyone help me with this?