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creating multiple records from a value list

Question asked by lmflora on May 8, 2012
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creating multiple records from a value list



I need a script where i can create 25 records at one time, each of these 25 records would have one field with a unique text identifier-extracted from a value list. The number of new records would match the number of items on the value list. I have found a similar post where a script was written using the "set variable" and loop function.  here is the link to that post:



I cannot seem to get this to work, i get the command symbol working endlessly and I must force quit and trash what is now a corrupted file.


my goal is as follows:  I want to push a script button to create 25 records where:

record #1   name = "FEID",  date = "todays date",

record #2  name = "ELSP"  date = "todays date"

record #3  name = "ZIVE"  date = "todays date"


and so on to record #25.

the names FEID, ELSP, ZIVE come from a value list (or related file), there are 25 names-thus 25 new records.

I need this to work on FileMaker GO as well. 

I would be very grateful if anyone can help me sort this out.