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Creating Multiple records in a Child Table

Question asked by GayleSeymour on Feb 9, 2011
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Creating Multiple records in a Child Table



I am relatively new to FileMaker Pro.  I am creating a DB that is similar in structure to the example Invoice Starter Solution.  Here is my question...  I am working with a business that drops off advertising materials to new move-ins.  I have 3 tables: a Visit Table that contains the Name and Address of each person visited; A Business Table - that contains the names, address, etc for each business being represented; and a Visit Record Table that "should" contain one record for each Visit for each Business.

During each visit - only a few business' information may be left.  For example: if they visit Mrs. Jones - of the 10 businesses represented, Mrs. Jones may only keep information from 5 businesses.  The Visit Record Table should contain a record for each of the 5 businesses left with Mrs. Jones. The Visit Record Table is "related" to both the Visit Table AND the Business Table.

I have figured out how to create a Layout in that represents the business who's materials were left with Mrs. Jones.  I created the Layout in the Visit Record Table that uses "Check Boxes" to "select" the correct business names (and IDs).  This appears to result in a list of Business IDs (or names).  I can't figure out how to create a new record for each of these Business IDs in the Visit Record Table.

Sorry if this description is too complex to follow.  In short, are there any examples of taking a list created using "check boxes" and creating new records in another table?  it seems like a simple concept but I am too new to RDBs and Filemaker Pro to see it.

Thanks for your consideration!