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    Creating multiple records in a form with map



      Creating multiple records in a form with map


      I would like to know (before buying it) if Filemaker can make a form with the fields: Date, name of employee, job and a schematic map of a hotel. Example, Date: 15-01-09, Name: Mary, task: clean room, and click on rooms 1, 2 and 9 that switch to red and can be printed to be delivered to the employee and feeds a database which is thus:
      15-01-09 | Mary | Clean room | 1
      15-01-09 | Mary | Clean room | 2
      15-01-09 | Mary | Clean room | 9



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          Thank you for your post.


          Unfortunately, I am unable to see the image.


          Yes, FileMaker can create a form with those fields.


          The schematic map would be a bit different, as it would require each room to be its own image.  This would allow you to click on the room, and depending on formatting options, the room could turn red.  Multiple clicks could change colors.


          You would need to create a script that sets a value so when you click the image, it would execute the script.  A simple example....


          Create the following two fields:

          Room1 (Container)

          Room1Value (Number)


          Create a script as follows:


          Set Field [Room1Value; Mod (Room1Value + 1, 2)  ]


          Go into Layout Mode, click on the field Room1, pull down the Format menu and select "Conditional"

          Add a new condition, set the Condition to "Formula is", click on Specify, select Room1Value and add "=1".  The formula should could look like "Room1Value=1" or "TableName::Room1Value=1".  Click OK.

          Check the box for Fill Color, click the fill color icon to the right, and select red.  Click OK


          With Room1 still selected, pull down the Format menu and select "Button Setup..."  Select "Perform Script" and select the script we created above.  Click OK.


          Go into Browse mode (View menu), enter a record and click on the box for Room1.  The color will change to red.  Click again, and it will change back to white. 


          This should get you pointed in the right direction.  If you need clarification for any of the above steps, please let me know.



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