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Creating multiple relationships in Filemaker Pro 10

Question asked by johnoconnor on Aug 26, 2013
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Creating multiple relationships in Filemaker Pro 10


     I am creating a item number cross reference Filemaker Pro 10 database in Windows. In the main database table, "X-Ref Master", there will be unique values without duplicates. I will have the following fields: Item Number, Description, Replacement 1 & Replacement 2. I will have a second "Item Master" table that will have unique values without duplicates with Item Master Number, Item Master Description. I want to be able to add a record to the main X-Ref Master table and when I would enter an item number in either the  Replacement 1 or Replacement 2 fields show the Item Description from the Item Master table. When I create a relationship between "X-Ref Master" Replacement 1 and "Item Master" Item Master Number if the related record is present it shows the related Item Master Description from the "Item Master" table in my X-Ref Master layout. How can I add a second relationship for Replacement 2 to show the applicable description?