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Creating multiple treatment episodes for one patient - Help!

Question asked by FrancisHall on Mar 15, 2012
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Creating multiple treatment episodes for one patient - Help!



As part of my consultancy module at University I am building a product in Filemaker Pro that facillitates the recording of patients at a hospital.

I've had no previous experience using filemaker but I am progressing steadily - however there is one big problem with the system that I have been unable to fix.

A crucial requirement of the system is the capability for ONE patient to have MANY treatments.

My patient table has an NHS number primary key which links to a treatment table (The idea is that each patient has only one NHS number, yet within this they can have many treatment ID's) From here the treatment ID link to all the other tables containing information about specific treatment.

The Problem

I have tried a whole bunch of methods, from scripts, to making the Treatment a calculated value (I tried using a function to count how many NHS number entries there were, if none Treatment ID = 1 and if more than one then the previous treatment ID + 1) this just sets the treatment ID to 1 permanently.

I then tried making the Treatment ID an amalgimation of NHS number and the date of diagnosis. This works however it replaces ALL entries with the same NHS number instead updating the current one (Example - I have one patient with NHS number 100, I create a new entry of the same patient with NHS number 100, change the date of diagnosis, and it updates both entries with the new treatment ID)

ANY help that you can offer on this would be hugely appreciated. No one uses Filemaker on my course and so it is impossible to get help there, although apparently my tables are set up correctly.

If you've got this far; thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope someone out there can help me on the path to enlightenment!