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Creating mutliple "layers" to my database

Question asked by CDCASA on Sep 29, 2011
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Creating mutliple "layers" to my database


I have a few databases that I need to have accessed in a particular way. They are being shared via IWP where there is a list of the various databases on the homepage and when you click on one it takes to to the layout of that database. I would like to be able to have layers or steps of how people can access different parts of the database. For example, I have a document database where each record/document is classified as a different class or type of document and I want to be able to have the choice to either access the entire table with every document OR choose to view a layout that is distinguished by class/type of document. I know you can do this by performing a search of the database but was hoping there is a way to create a drop down list that gives options of which class to pick and then takes you to a layout of just those documents. Maybe something that looks like this:

Homepage, list of databases, Click on "Documents Database" --> links to the next page with a category called "Document Class" and a drop down list/list of links of each option of Document Class, Click on an option "Contracts" for example --> links you to a layout of the database that only includes presorted documents of that Document Class

Another way I would like to implement a similar concept is to have the Homepage list different databases to click on but be able to have layers in which you can have databases within databases. What I mean by that is to have links such as "Documents Database" and "Contracts Database" listed on the homepage but when you click on them it takes you to another layer that lists groupings of databases under that title. I want to be able to organize my databases in a way that you can quickly sort through the databases and records you don't want to find the ones you do want more easily. One way I have thought of is to create a database within a database where you have a container field in one database that contains the link to the other database but since I am setting this up via IWP this doesn't work because whoever tries to open the link must have FM Pro, which is what I am trying to avoid by using IWP. Also, I thought of using relationships but for two databases that I want grouped under the same heading, there are no relationships between fields within those databases so I cannot link them in that way.

I realize this may be more on the web developing side of things but it seems like this shouldbe possible. I hope I explained this well enough for someone to be able to help so if I didn't and you need me to clarify anything let me know.