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Creating NEW Database layout/tables?

Question asked by ErinMatheson on Apr 5, 2012
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Creating NEW Database layout/tables?


Please help me!

I'm creating a database that must keep teack of the following;

1) Client's names and contact info. (To be used for mailings, payments, and affiliations with events)

2) Sponsor's information. (To keep track of amounts donated, events they are affiliated with)

3) Event Support. (The contact information for companies we hire for services. Also, payments made in past, events they are afiliated with.)

This is where I run into some trouble. Idealy I would like to create a "page", or "table" for each of these three groups. I've read about creating a "table", but don't quite understand what that means. I know how to make the fields and import data and what not, but am unclear on the concept of the "table" or "page.

Would it make sense to have these three groups under one database, considering they all pertain to our company? How do I create and consequently switch between the pages? If I were to organize them in this way, would I be able to pull information from all three at the same time.


Do I create one main database and then save each particular group as a layout? As in, do a specific search and save the results as a layout page?

I guess this has more to do with the layout of the actual database.
Any insight would be appreciated, and thank you in advance!