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Creating new dates given a date range.

Question asked by FileMakerNovice on Feb 6, 2013
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Creating new dates given a date range.


     I have an Employee table and a Date table.  They are related by EmployeeID. (more detail below, if needed)  I have a layout that uses the Employee table and displays a portal of the Date table.  I am having difficulty developing a script:

     In this layout, I'd like the user to enter a reason, as well as a start and end date.  Once this is committed, a date from start to end with the reason would be populated.
     Input:  1/1/13, 1/3/13, Training
     Result:  The following records would be created in Dates:  1/1/13, Training; 1/2/13, Training; 1/3/13 Training.

     Table details:


     Table Fields:
     Employee:  Name, email, ID
     Dates:  Date, ID, Reason.