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Creating New Layouts based on 1 Table

Question asked by dg3321 on Oct 10, 2012
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Creating New Layouts based on 1 Table


     I have a layout which tracks various types of information about my clients each year (each new record in the layout is a client).  For each new year, i create a new layout.  In the past, i have also created a new table to correspond to the new layout (year).  During this process, i copy and paste the fields from the old table to the new table (in 'manage database').  Then in the new layout, i have to click on each field and link it to the new table.  This is quite the cumbersome task as there are a lot of fields on this table.  For the upcoming new layout/year (2013), i tried something different but hit a snag.  I created the new layout, but this time had it show records from the 2012 table; thinking i wouldn't have to then link up each field, which was correct.  However, the snag that i hit was that all of the records that were in the 2012 table were now in the 2013 table.  I thought i would have a blank slate to work from in a new layout; but using the fields from the prior year's table (since the fields remain the same each year; the information that goes in their for each client changes every year.

     I'm assuming there is an easier way to set this up.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.