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Creating new orders

Question asked by EP on Dec 11, 2012
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Creating new orders


     Can someone shed some light on recommending a way to add new orders for a client?  Lets say I have a database of clients;  I want to add new orders to their record (when the place a new order) which appear in a portal (Orders Pending) on a layout with 3 portals: 1-Orders Pending 2-Orders Shipped 3-Orders Completed).  I know how to set up the portals and relationships. I also know how to use portal filtering so when I click a drop down list in portal 1 and select "Order Shipped" the clients order/info will jump into portal 2.  

     My question is this: How do I create this in the Clients Record so that I can add orders to their record? Should I use a portal? In other words, I click on Johnny Smith's record which contains all of his contact information.  What fields/portals/etc do I need to add to this layout so I can add orders to his record?  Thanks