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Creating New Record in FM 13

Question asked by EmmaPerlaky on Jun 10, 2014
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Creating New Record in FM 13


     Not long ago I have upgraded to FM13 and also installed FM server. It seemed everything was working fine until I wanted to add a new record. Clicking the "new record"  the application stopped doing anything, I had to kill it via the task manager. Than I went back and found that there is a new blank record what can update. Trying the new record again (just as FM 13 Pro Advance and / or via the server) I am always getting the same problem. I suspect that the problem is with FM 13 since using a local database I had the same issue.

     Sure I am doing something wrong, but can someone help me to figure out what it is and how to correct it?

     Thank you very much

     Emma Perlaky