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    Creating new records



      Creating new records


      Hi to all you experts out there,


      My problem is that each time I try to create a new record (by the 'Record' menu or a script) I get the data from the first page of the last record created.  I tried compacting the file which didn't help so I copied a clone then tried a 'Recover'.  This didn't fix it either! 


      I am currently using Filemaker Pro 8+ and my database usually lives on a Filemaker Server which I log into remotely and sometimes lose the connection.  I had the file sent to my computer where I have been trying to fix it.  


      Any ideas? In simple terms please I'm still a novice.


      Kind regards,


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          Do any of the fields where you see this data have "looked up value" or other auto-enter settings? (Open manage database and double click field definitions to check this out.)


          Can you explain a bit more what you mean by "The first page of the last record"?


          Is this new behaviour that didn't occur before?


          Can you trace it back to when some change was made to your database?


          BTW hope you're not still using a 'recovered' copy of your file--that's not "best practice" here.

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            Yes I do have fields with 'looked up value'  and 'auto-enter data'.  A couple of these are recent!  Should I remove those settings and try?


            First page should read first layout of record which is a table that contains name, address, phone and etc.   Next table (& layout) contains 'Emergency Contacts' information and so on.  The first layout a new record opens is the name address phone and etc.


            This is new behaviour and yes I've had to make some changes - add more fields.


            No I'm not using the 'recovered' copy.  Just thought that may take the bugs out.




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              Look ups might copy data from a previous record--which could explain what you see--check the settings and see. An auto-entered value could load a field that automatically matches your new record to other related records--more settings to check. Make sure these fields where you see data are all referring to the same table as the fields that are empty when you create a new record.


              Other options may also explain this, you'll have to investigate each aspect of your recent changes to track down a cause.

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                Riiiiiiiiight !  


                I just realised that this problem is re-creating a deleted record.  ie  I created a fake record using first layout and limited data (overwrote data that came in with 'new record'.  I then deleted this fake record and created a 'new record' which opened containing the exact fake data I had entered previously.


                I thought deleted meant 'deleted' - never to be seen again !   I've tried changing or de-activating all the settings you referred to which didn't make a difference.  


                However, I'm beginning to suspect it may somehow relate to a new table I created which I had a lot of trouble with.  Records would not align even when I used 'go to related record'  I thought it was set up exactly as all my other tables and have searched and searched for a different setting but just can't see it.  It is working now though.







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                     Deleted does mean deleted can't get it back. So if you "deleted" a record and the data is still there, that data is coming from a record (or table) different from the record you deleted. (It's also possible to have damaged database file but you have other options to rule out first.)