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    Creating New Records



      Creating New Records


      Seasons greeting to the FM Family, I need a bit of advise to create new records . Here is the scenaro:

      I am creating a app to be used in an eye care office and I want to be able to create new prescriptions.

      I created the layout but after adding a new records Btn and clicking it. I am actually creating an entirely new record as if I am adding a new patient. And that is not what I want. I want to create a new prescription record because, as you know one patient will have multiple prescription. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

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          Since you have given that one patient may have multiple prescription, so you have to do two tables: one is for patient and their detail contacts, date of checkup like thisand primary id shold be PatientID. Second one is for Prescription having PrescriptionID as primary key, other details about prescription and PatientID as foreign key. when you want to create a new prescription for a patient, just create a new record in Prescription table and put the PatientID over their. Just relate them by


          Now to view multiple prescriptions for a related patient, just draw a portal over Patient layout based on table Prescription. It will show you all the prescriptions related to a particular patient.

          Hope it will work correctly.



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            Thanks Kumar, I am going to give it a try and let you know, Sorry for the long delay in responding, had Internet issues.