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Creating New Records from Existing Fields

Question asked by RedDot1 on Nov 5, 2014
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Creating New Records from Existing Fields


I have an fp7 database which has 8 fields whose respective names are dates.  I would like to create, for each record in my database, 8 new records with the dates from the Field names plus the values that are in the 8 fields into a new text field.  So currently I have:

 Field 1Field 2Field 3Field 4Field 5Field 6Field 7Field 8
Field Name:1/20051/20061/20071/20081/20091/20101/20111/2012
Value in Field:  RedGreenBlueWhiteRedGreenBlueWhite


For each record in the database I would like to put the field names into a new field called "Date" together with that field's current value into a new text field called "Note".

The result would be that I would have 8 new records for each current record.

For example, Field 1 above would become a new record with "1/2005" in the Date field and "Red" in the Note field and so on.

Value in Date Field:1/2005
Value in Note Field:  Red


I am sure there is a simple Loop script to do this but I am not familiar enough with Loops to write it correctly and would greatly appreciate any suggestions.