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Creating new records from SQL data

Question asked by laneystewart on Mar 25, 2010
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Creating new records from SQL data


I am in education and we have a web service that is backed by MySql where students file forms.  I have created a ODBC connection to that location and get the data in FM 10. I need to create a new record in my FM database when a new record is created in the MySQL database where we get web forms submitted.  It works fine when the database is open b/c I put in a OnCommit Script Trigger, but it does not work when the database is not open to a client.  The database is on a FMAdvanced 10 server where it is open all the time, but does not always have a client in the database.  Has anyone dealt with this or have any ideas?  I do not want to have to make sure that someone opens the database everyday to get the work to be created so I do not want to use an open script.  I have not used timers before, but maybe that would work.  I also need to export the data collected to a .txt file.  Any ideas there?