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Creating new records in related file/table

Question asked by NikkiEdwards on Jul 22, 2010
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Creating new records in related file/table


I have two seperate Filemaker files: Projects and Address Lookup

I want to have a new record created in the Address Lookup file when I create a new unique record in Projects and have some of the field information from the Projects file new record automatically entered into the new record in the Address Lookup file.

I have a relationship between the two files based on a ProjID that is an auto-serial in Projects. And I have tried  a Set Field script-step in Projects but it doesn't work:

New Record/Request

Set Field [Address Lookup:;project id; Projects:;Project ID]
Set Field [Address Lookup:;organization; Projects:;Organization]
Set Field [Address Lookup:;contact; Projects:;contact]
Set Field [Address Lookup:;contact phone; Projects:;contact phone]
Set Field [Address Lookup:;address; Projects:;address]

I have tried it with and without the project id set field. When I run the script it just creates a blank record in Projects.

Is there any way to have it do what I want and have it done automatically?