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Creating New Records Using XML - Without Using FM Pro Scripting

Question asked by MrMH on Oct 8, 2009
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Creating New Records Using XML - Without Using FM Pro Scripting


This is a longshot but this seemed like the most logical place to post this question...


Is there a way to complete a form using XML exported from a MySQL database and create a new record automatically in FM Pro without using the FM Pro scripting tools?



We have a client that sends us requests from their system for new jobs all day. These currently come as PDFs which are then manually entered/typed into a job tracking system. This happens for each and every new job. The third party job tracking system is built using FM Pro and shared over a network.


We have managed to get the PDF data sent in such a way that we can insert it into a database (MySQL) automatically, as we want to collect the data for use elsewhere in the business. We then export the data we need as XML. The problem is that the roles assigned to non administrators e.g. us, do not allow FM Pro scripting. Consequently, we require an alternative way of getting our XML data into the 'new job' form in FM Pro and the 'create job' button clicked.

The company that have developed the job tracking system don't allow ODBC or JDBC connections either.

Version: FM Pro v.9.0v3

OS: Windows XP Professional v.5.1.2600 SP 3

My Experience with FM Pro: Minimal