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creating online data entry file program

Question asked by tconnors10 on Mar 9, 2010
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creating online data entry file program


i am new to file maker, using file maker Pro 10 Advanced on a Mac Book Pro OS X.  I have created a file for clients to use for personal info submission, like credit card, room preference, all booking personal info into a file that i would like to import from my website where they have gone online and submitted this said info. can this file be accessed for submission only be each person, with out access once submitted, meaning they cannot see others info submitted nor their own, would have to resubmit if changes.  i want to know if I can somehow link this file to my website on a secure page for client submission, or do i need to get this on a server. i have an Mac Server and need to know if i need to get filemaker server or can i just use the server for online submission.  I want to have the group leader have a user name and password to go into the submissions to see if who from their group submitted their own info.  I need this to work as people don't want to hand out their info anymore and we have to have group bookings still.  i need a little guidance and would apprecaite it if you have any advise.