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Creating Parent Records from Child Table/Layout/Record

Question asked by BryanN on Mar 27, 2012
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Creating Parent Records from Child Table/Layout/Record


First off, thanks to all for your help so far.  I've gone through the tutorials at and they were worth their weight in gold.


I've attached a screenshot of my relatoinships, which all should be correct.  Here is what I am trying to do:


Work Orders are the main go to place for all the info.  I have multiple portals set up to child tables in order to create new childh records from it. However, the challange I have is this:

- I would like for employees (who will only have access to some of the child tables) to be able to create a new record in the child table/layout (lets use Customer Inventory) as the example.  I would like our employee to be able to create a new record in Customer Inventory, and when doing so, assign it a Work Order Number (which is the foreign key in Customer Inventory and the primary key in Work Orders). Doing so, if the Work Order record isn't created already, will create it.  I already have it working in reverse via a portal, just looking for how to create a new parent record from the child table/layout.


The only way I've gotten it to work so far, is by using the primary key field (Work Order #) from the Work Orders table in the layout for Customer Inventory instead of using the foriegn key field for Work Order #.  Is this the right way to do it or will it cause issues down the line?


To simplify, I want to be able to create new records in Work Orders from the child, Customer Inventory.

(I've already succeeded in creating a portal in Work Orders to create records in Customer Inventory... if that's the right way to do it).


Let me know and I can clarify. Thanks for your help.