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    creating PDF troubleshooting



      creating PDF troubleshooting


      I'm not a computer/programmer. I have bought the big green book to help me but I don't even know what section to go to for help.

      I created a layout a few months back. This morning I re-arranged it into one page. It used to be a bunch of tabs and essentially I took the fields off the tabs and moved them onto the first tab and then made the first page tab size go the whole length/width of an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper. In records view all the information looks great as I stroll through my 37 records. When I go to save as pdf and check "current record" it only will bring over a view for the first 2" of the page which is about 1/2 the information originally on the first tab.What do I need to do to make all the other fields show in the pdf save option?

      I hope these screen shots help explain the story. 1st is original creation. 2nd is of what it looks like now (well a portion of screen anyway) and then the 3rd is what I see when I go to pdf.




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          It's hard to pick out any details from those screen shots. A closer view of the middle image might reveal details I can't pick out from your first upload.

          What options have you selected in print setup just prior to Save As PDF? The print setup dialog is used to specify page size and orientation for saved PDF's as well as previews and printed output. Have to wonder if you've selected an unusual page size here.

          It looks like your PDF has one page for each record in your found set. Can you confirm that?

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            I only printed one record of the 37 item database.  It created multiple pages though of that record. Each page appears to be the boxes of information from each of the tabs I originally created in my first layout.  In all the different "views" though it shows all the information together on one page for that record.

            To do the PDF here are the steps I perform: File > Save Record as PDF > I check drop down "current record" under Save, give it a file name.

            I have tried clicking "options" and under "Initial View" I have tried the various dropdowns under "Show" and no matter what option I try it comes out the same. I have also looked at my page layout and it is single and a normal size and looked at options under the print setup and it is for one single sheet.




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              here is the pdf screenshot

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                Print setup is a separate menu option from Save As...

                Go to the file menu and select print setup.

                what options do you see in that dialog?

                From the better views you've posted it looks like you have a very small page size--such as that used for a label printer that prints one label at a time selected in print setup.

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                  screen shot 1 from printing

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                    screen shot 2 from printing on the more advanced options that default

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                      What happens when you select Portrait instead of landscape?

                      What do you see in preview mode? (Should match what you get when you save as PDF.)

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                        Ok. I think I figured this out. I have lines like page breaks that I can't move with my mouse, click on or anything else. How can I rid of them?

                        I tried going into "Part Setup" and editing to make sure there were not boxes checked for any kind of breaks/lines and there are none.

                        I have everything in potrait mode and the layout goes to just 3 pages now but the 3 pages are there because of these lines.

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                          The lines indicate where the page will break as determined by the current options you have selected in Print setup. To move the lines, you must change the paper size or orientation options selected in that dialog.

                          You can also set margins in layout Setup | Printing and these will affect the position of the page break lines.

                          For some reason, the position of these lines indicate that there is only about 4 1/2 inches of page available for the body of your layout for each page "printed". This will be determined as follows:

                          First your printer can only print up to a certain distance from the top and bottom edges of the page, from this "printable area", subtract any specified top and bottom margins in Layout Setup | Printing. Then subtract the height of the header and and footer (if you have one) and any other layout parts such as grand or sub summary parts. What's left comes to about 4.5 inches from what I see with the Inch spaced grid lines.

                          I've also seen one or two cases where a layout became corrupted and on these layouts nothing could set the correct page size for correct page breaks. If all else fails, create a new layout from scratch--don't copy and paste any objects from your current layout if you do this as this could copy and paste the problem along with the object. Then test the new layout and see if it works for you.

                          BTW, I did notice that your tab control appears to touch the boundary between body and header. I'd either remove the tab control (since you have only one tab panel anyway or Move it down a pixel to make sure that it does not touch or cross this boundary. This may affect the appearance of your layout in some circumstances.