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Creating PDF's in background

Question asked by fleng on Dec 3, 2010
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Creating PDF's in background



I have created a solution where I'm managing a lot of grant applications that people send in to our organization.

I'm keeping track of all the grant applications in my FM11 solution.

Whenever we have decided to grant money or not to each of the applicants, I'm running a script that loops through all the records to generate a PDF with the answer to each applicant.

In the loop, the script asks if the current applicant have an email address (notIsEmpty (Email)). If there is an email address, the PDF will be attached to an email to that person (in Mail). If not the PDF will automatically open (in Acrobat).

All of this works very fine.


My problem is, that when I run the script, it starts shifting back and forth between the Acrobat and Mail applications (I'm using Mac) and the script ends in whatever application the last record was generated in (either Mail or Acrobat).

I would like the script to end back in Filemaker. I've ended the script with a Go To Layout (current) script step + a Show Custom Dialogue box to say that the operation is done. But still, when the script is through, It's one of the other applications that is active (and in "front")

Any suggestions?

Do you need any additional information?