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    creating PIE chart



      creating PIE chart


      it is incredible, almost i used chart pie before but i don't know why it doesn't work with this database!

      I explain: I have a simple database, 1 table named Fiche, i have record named LineNb, and another field PageNb (this field is the promary key). so I can have LineNb = 15  for the records PageNb =1 and 2 and 3....etc.

      I want to make a chart displaying the percentage of each group of LineNb against the whole database.



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          Make sure LineNb is of type number.

          Sort by PageNb to group your records (think of you pie chart wedges as sub summary layout parts with pageNb as the "when sorted by" fields.)

          Make sure that you select the correct options for charting "groups of records when sorted". (This looks a bit different in FileMaker 12 than in 11, but the same options are there.)