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Creating pop-up notifications for iPhone

Question asked by WinstenMarks on Aug 6, 2012
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Creating pop-up notifications for iPhone


Hi, we need a mobile (iPhone app/FM Go) notification system that is integrated with a FileMaker database.  What we would like is to have a pop-up notification, similar to that of an alarm or timer, that correlates with the database.  

Basically, we have a database of contacts, and we need to create a system to notify us to contact a person every so often via our iPhones.  Ideally, we would have an option to reschedule (postpone this notifcation for one day or one week) and have this information automatically update to the database.

I am hoping to find out if this is possible, or what sort of solution would we require to make this happen? (i.e. iPhone app with integration to our FM server? Or is it possible with just FM?)