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    Creating proper relationship



      Creating proper relationship


           I'll be the first to admit that I am fairly new to using FMP. I have followed tons of tutorials and searched this forum, but can not seem to find an answer specific to my problem.  I will put it as simply as possible:

           I have a table specifically for "shows".  Every show has it's own record along with information about it.  

           I have a table specifically for "cues".  Every show has several (up to ~1000) cues.  

           I need a way to link the shows and cues together.   I would like to have the "cue_id" field in the "cues" table to be the unique key.  I would like it to be something like "showName_venue_cueNumber".  Hopefully you can understand what I am trying to do.  I admittedly do not understand how to create relationships properly, so as in-depth as you could put your reply, the better.  




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               The Shows table should have an auto enter serial ID. Your other tables should each be related directly to the Shows table and not serially connected. Otherwise, for example, you won't be able to create records of Personnel if there is not a match record in Venues. Records In the three child tables will inherit the PK from Shows. Create a field in each child table as a match field and each record will inherit the ID from Shows. Cues can be sorted as you wish.

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                 I added the auto enter serial ID field to the shows table.  It is called show_id.  


                 What do you mean the other tables should be directly related to the shows table?  Basically, the shows table is the parent table and everything else is a child to that?  How would I create that relationship?  I am just very confused at the moment as to what I need to do.  I don't even completely understand relationships...  All of the tutorials I have viewed go into way more detail than what I need to do.  


                 I would think this would be a fairly simple process, but I am somehow managing to make it much more difficult.  

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                   Right now your venues table is between shows and personnel. Let's say your on a layout based on Shows with fields from Venues and Personnel and you decide to fill out some personnel records. The way you have it set up currently you wouldn't be able to do that unless there was already a matching record in the Venues table. You should avoid this situation so data entry will be more intuitive.

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                     Well, i'm at a stand still.  I have literally spent hours working on this.  Here is the file if anyone could look at it.