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Creating quote system

Question asked by MarkWoolnough on Jan 22, 2013
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Creating quote system




     I might be a bit keen in trying to create the above as i've only really started exploring filemaker, but thought i'd dive straight in.


     I Have my contacts database imported - no problem.

     I'm trying to create a table for:


     2. Freight Charges

     So on the Freight Charge table it would have numerous (100's) of options from different origin ports to different destination ports all at different rates i.e.

     New York - Shanghai - $1000

     Hong Kong - Los Angeles - $2000 etc


     How do I create the option when i'm creating a quote to select origin port & display a value list of all options & the same for Destination List & for it to pick the correct rate & display it.

     If you could point me in the right direction to research would be great, thanks.