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    Creating quote system



      Creating quote system




           I might be a bit keen in trying to create the above as i've only really started exploring filemaker, but thought i'd dive straight in.


           I Have my contacts database imported - no problem.

           I'm trying to create a table for:


           2. Freight Charges

           So on the Freight Charge table it would have numerous (100's) of options from different origin ports to different destination ports all at different rates i.e.

           New York - Shanghai - $1000

           Hong Kong - Los Angeles - $2000 etc


           How do I create the option when i'm creating a quote to select origin port & display a value list of all options & the same for Destination List & for it to pick the correct rate & display it.

           If you could point me in the right direction to research would be great, thanks.




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               Most Quotes need to be itemized. If yours do, I recommend adding a related LineItems table so that you can add a flexible number of such items which then are both listed on and totaled up on your Quotes layout.

               Since you need to specify both the origin an destination for your freight charges, you need to select each value in a different field and then match on both fields to your Freight Charges table.

               Quotes>-----Freight Charges

               Quotes::OrginID = FreightCharges::OriginID AND
               Qoutes::DestinationID = FreightCharges::DestinationID

               This assumes that each individual record in FreightCharges Holds the rate for one specific paring of Origin and Destination.