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Creating Records from A Related File

Question asked by jeffd on Mar 29, 2010
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Creating Records from A Related File


Good Morning.

I have 3 FM10 pro database files that are related to each other via a contact ID.  These files are called

(1) "Contact Management" - which contains all the customer's info;

(2) "Quoter" - Records are created here to  price a machine to quote for a customer;

(3) "Sales" - The records that are created here are manually entered for a customer that represents a potential sale that we use to submit to finance companies for credit approval, this info is taken from a print out from the "quoter" file. This info is basically the same as the info in the quoter file. However, I have to keep this file,"Sales" and the "Quoter" file separate for other reasons.

I want to know if a script can be created that would produce a record into the "Sales" file from The

"Quoter" file. This eliminate alot of manual entries.