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Creating Records in another File and summing results

Question asked by DavidWill on Nov 27, 2011
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Creating Records in another File and summing results



There is a one table that has one record for each Month for each rental unit. (100's of unit and thousands of records over the years)

Each record has:



Balance Due

Interest Rate for past due amounts

Accumulated interest amount added to balance due each month

Dozens of other fields


Each month this table is queried to determine if the is a balance is past due and interest is calculated and added to an "Other" field which is a part of fields accumulating the balance due. This is repeated until the balance due is paid or written off as a bad debt. This calculation is done manually.


The objective is automate this process by manually invoking a script at the beginning of each month to post interest to related many table records whose one file has a past due balance. The sum of related files is be set to a field (Accumulated_Interest) in the one table and added to the parts that accumulate the balance due.


The key between these files exists as "Rent_ID" in the one table.

The records should contain the posting date, interest rate, balance due (base calculation) and the calculated interest as well as the Rent_ID.


Can someone write the script exactly as is needs to be (without the Table names), including checks so the system doesn't blow up and/or do something devastating?


Please email me directly if interested in working for pay or post an example for all of us.