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Creating Records in Related Table

Question asked by NicholasFernandez on Feb 11, 2014
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Creating Records in Related Table



     I have two tables -- "Photos" and "Invoices" -- with a many-to-one relationship defined by "SourceAndInvoiceID," which is a unique field in table "Invoices" (it is a text field that auto-fills through a calculation that concatenates

     In the "Invoices" layout, I have the following fields: Photos::Source, Photos::Inv. #, Photos::Inv. Date, Photos::Cost, Invoices::SourceAndInvoiceID.

     Here's the problem: when I create a new record in this view, the information in disappears as soon as I click out of the record. The record remains as a blank record, and the information is stored in the "Photos" table, but it is just invisible in the "Invoices" layout. 

     Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?