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Creating Records using Portal

Question asked by DranLang on Dec 5, 2013
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Creating Records using Portal


     Hi everyone!  I’m currently working on a project that is some kind of Daily Cost Report and I’m having problems with multiplying fields that are in a portal.

     I have a portal that has Item field (Text), Qty field (Number), Price field (Number) and Total (Calculation that returns a number).  The Total field will multiply Price by Qty (Price * Qty).

     Now my problem is that our sales department doesn’t want to have to type and select from a dropdown list of items when they create a new day.  They want to see Items from previous day to appear automatically as well as their corresponding Prices, so that they will only have to type in the Qty and Total will automatically compute.  I have a script that adds a new day but it Items are empty and they have to select Items from the drop down list.

     Is there a way that I can add a new day without having the users selecting Items from the dropdown list? 

     Any ideas/ help is highly appreciated!