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Creating relations and look up help please

Question asked by AnswerFeedback_15 on May 29, 2014
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Creating relations and look up help please


     Our non-profit has two databases that were already set up when I arrived.  I'm not well versed in FileMaker Pro 10. We have one database that list all members and their information.  Every month we have exhibitions that members can enter.  I'm trying to link our Member DB with the Show DB (no info in this DB other than the fields), so that the Show DB automatically fills in when you start typing in a name. The field names I want to link match in both DBs - First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email.

     I've created the relationship between the 4 items.  I then specified the Look-up for each of these fields.  However, when you start typing in the Show DB no info is transferred from the Member DB.

     I've followed each step in the sections for creating the relationship between the two DBs and to define a lookup, I must be missing something.  I'm fairly sure that when the DBs were created they were not set up or structured to be related. Can these two DBs be related and set for look-up without being recreated from scratch?

     Thank you