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Creating Relationship with Value List

Question asked by Karnel on Oct 12, 2009
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Creating Relationship with Value List


I have a fairly simple relational database using a join table for a many to many relationship between an Agency table and a FieldOfPractice table.  I have a portal on my Agency layout pointing to my join table, and I have a Value List setup to use the FieldOfPractice primary key to populate it and to form the relationship. I have the value list set to use values from first field (the primary key) and to display values from second field (the Field of Practice description) and I also have the setting Show values only from second field checked, so the users know what they are selecting and not just given a number. 


All pretty basic stuff and it works great, as long as I use the Pop-up Menu to display the value list.  I want to use a Drop-down list.  When I set it to display as a Drop-down list, it will only show the primary key field (the 1st field even though I have it set to display the second) and it will not display the description field.  I thought you can use either option to display the second field.  What am I doing wrong?