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    Creating Relationship with Value List



      Creating Relationship with Value List


      I have a fairly simple relational database using a join table for a many to many relationship between an Agency table and a FieldOfPractice table.  I have a portal on my Agency layout pointing to my join table, and I have a Value List setup to use the FieldOfPractice primary key to populate it and to form the relationship. I have the value list set to use values from first field (the primary key) and to display values from second field (the Field of Practice description) and I also have the setting Show values only from second field checked, so the users know what they are selecting and not just given a number. 


      All pretty basic stuff and it works great, as long as I use the Pop-up Menu to display the value list.  I want to use a Drop-down list.  When I set it to display as a Drop-down list, it will only show the primary key field (the 1st field even though I have it set to display the second) and it will not display the description field.  I thought you can use either option to display the second field.  What am I doing wrong?

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          Your only error: "I thought you can use either option to display the second field."

          If you use the drop down option, then you will see the ID number instead of the second value after exiting the field. If you really want the drop down option, you have to play tricks with your layout to get the effect you want.


          Here's one example:


          Place your ID field on your layout, format it as a drop down and select the "Arrow" option. Now re-size this field until only the arrow is visible. Place the related 2nd value field next to it so that it appears to be one field. Format this second field as a button or give it a script trigger script that uses Go To field to move the cursor into ID field any time the user enters this field.