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Creating report database

Question asked by GregHarris on Apr 8, 2011
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Creating report database


I'm having difficutly getting some concepts down.  I'm fairly new to FM, the application, not necessarily to DBs. However, I feel like I am making this way harder than it needs to be.

I've got a templated contact management DB with multiple tables and files.  I want to create some custom reports, keeping a copy of the data.  Also, given the expected size of the original files, I need to put the reports in their own file.

The problem that I am having is getting the data out of the main file and into the reports file.

I've got a find script in the main file, based on a layout, giving me the correct fields and the correct finds.

I've got the script going between scripts and windows.

I can't seem to pass the data between the scripts that access different files.

Does anybody have a good tutorial or starting place to see how this works?