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    Creating Report using 3 or more data files



      Creating Report using 3 or more data files


      It is a few years since I used Filemaker and brain is failing me.


      I have 3 data files which contain varying client information, eg dentist, staff, hygienists with the common field being client code which is entered for each element relating to the owner.


      What I need to be able to do is when building a report and performing a find, is enter the client number and the report contain all of the relevant dentist, staff, hygienist information relating to that particular client code. 


      Now if there is only 1 entry in each database against a client code I don't have a problem, it's when there are multiple entries I can't figure out how to sort the lookups to copy all info.


      Can anyone help - please speak in layman's terms!

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          I'd suggest taking a look at whether you really need three tables/files for this. You might be able to store all dentist, staff and hygienist records in a single table--that makes your report much easier to create.


          It sounds like you have at least 4 tables/files here maybe more as you may have tables for patients and billing.


          What version of filemaker are you using? 

          What does this report need to look like?