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creating reports

Question asked by nolak37 on Oct 22, 2010
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creating reports


I've created a report on my DB based on the table for medical visits, this displays all medical visits for the selected date and is sorted by visit type (new, established, lab, follew-up) from the "VisitType" field in MV (medical visit) table, as well as by "Primary insurance" Field from the "Pts" table.

Sub-summary (when sorted by Pts::Primary Insurance)

Sub-summary (when sorted by MV::VisitType)

This all works well, I would like to add however 2 other things to the report:

1. price per visit

2. Total of Visits

the first would display how much the visit type costs, this varies depending on both insurance and visit type.

The second gives the total y multiplying the number of visits in that categoty by the cost of the visit.


Insurance              VisitType          Count       price               total

medicare               new                  2             $45.00           90.00

medicare               established        4             $35.00           140.00

blueShield              LAB                  1             $20.00           20.00

This is just an example of what i want, as i mentioned it already gives me the count per visit, I just cant seem to figure out how to add the prices, getting the total afterwards doesnt seem complicated, a summary field should do the trick.

Any help appreciated.