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    Creating Reports



      Creating Reports


           I am creating a chemical application database, and am now trying to create my reports.  I would like a report that summaries each field and all the chemical application (each application is its own record).  So far my report is showing each entry but I cannot get the field to be summarized. 

           Can anyone help me? thanks!!

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               Can you post a screenshot of your report in list view and layout view?  

               Something I did a lot (as recently as today)when going in and out of layout mode was forgetting to sort.

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                 As I can recall your earlier posts in another thread, I can take a better guess at what you want. You can set up summary fields that compute the totals, averages, maximums or Minimums of number fields in your Applications fields.

                 You can then set up a layout based on this same table to show those values for any set of records you want for your report. You can even set up subtotals for each Field so that fields, either with or without the data from each individual Application record.

                 Here's a tutorial on Summary fields you can take a look at: Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial

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                   I currently have a table titled entity which has each field, and the total number of acres.  I also have an application table which I entered in each application, date ect.  I want to create another report which shows each application and summaries the total acres.  I have created a "total acre" field in the entity table and have created a subsummary  part which includes that "total acre" but it seems to only be grabbing the last record's acreage... Do I need to create an acre field in the application table as well?

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                     My instructions for sub summary layout parts were for a summary field in the Application table, not entity. Don't use the sub summary layout part on a layout based on entity as you don't have multiple records to group for sub totals from that table as far as I can tell from here. (Perhaps if you had records for several different farms, you'd group records in entity by farm..., but that's not what you are describing here.)

                     You can put a summary field for total acres in a header, footer, or grand summary layout part to show the total acres for all records in your current found set.

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                       So how do I go about achieving this? I have a record for each application that has its entity and field attached to it.  What I want is to create a report which takes each application and sorts them by entity and I want a total of the acres in that entity at the bottom.

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                         Please explain what you mean by "sorts them by entity". What is an entity?


                              and I want a total of the acres in that entity at the bottom.

                         To repeat from my last post, put the summary field in the footer or a trailing grand summary part to show the total acres for all records in your found set.

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                           I finally figured it out! :) Thanks anyway