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    Creating Rosters



      Creating Rosters


      Hello Everyone.

      Participants in our summer program take 3 classes during the summer (Period1, Period2, Period3) and I am looking for an easy way to create a roster layout for teachers that contains basic information for the participants in their class. I can easily create the roster, however I am looking for guidance on how to create a button of some sort at the top of the layout in order to easily sort between the class periods.

      As always, your help is greatly appreciated!

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          If you could provide more info, it would be easier to help.  In general, you could:

          1.  Put 3 buttons and attach 3 scripts

          2.  Put 3 buttons with script parameters attached to the same script.

          3.  Use a global dropdown field with Period 1, Period 2, Period 3, as a value list, with an OnObjectModify script trigger and script parameter that grabs the value in the dropdown field, and that value is used in the script to create the correct report.

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            HI Steve,

            Thanks for the quick response. What would you like for more details? There are there periods as mentioned (Period1, Period2, Period3) they could be taking 1 of 10 classes in each period. I would like to have a button/object/something that when I select a Period1 class (let's say, Senior Seminar) that it looks for all the student taking that period 1 class and puts them into the roster (where I have it setup to see their name, contact information, year in the program. etc.).

            What else do you need to point me in the right direction :) I'm not completely new to FileMaker but I still need a lot of hand holding at times!!

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              Can you show a screenshot of your relationship diagram?

              I (anyone) would need to see the tables you have, and how they are related. 

              Basically (I'm better at setting things up and playing with them, then actually describing them very well) you want to follow an invoicing set up where:

              A table of courses (Products)

              A table of students (Customers)

              A table of classes (Invoices)

              A table of class participants (LineItems)

              You will most likely need a few more tables, especially if the classes are offered multiple times per day/week and/or if they are offered at multiple locations.

              You could look at a starter solutions for invoices (kind of complicated) or find an invoice template online.  You want to see how the tables are related and how invoices are created (by picking a customer, and products, etc)  And how they are added to lineitems (by lookup or calculation-I prefer calculation).

              Setting this up properly then allows you to create standard reports that will extract the information quite easily.  It's how you extract these reports was the basis of my first post.



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                Excuse me for jumping in, but I am trying to do something very similar. I want to create a layout showing a course and its participants. We have 30 courses running and each course has about 20 students.

                @SteveMartino, your relating business terms to a class roster makes sense to me, but I am having trouble defining the relationships. How is a course and a class different? I looked at the starter solution and it is overwhelming at this point. Where could I find a simple template online?


                Am I correct:

                If an individual course is a product, I would have a courses table with 30 entries.

                If students are customers, I would have a students table with 600 entries.

                If classes (class roster?) are invoices...

                If class participants are line items, I have a join table?