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Creating Serial number for old database

Question asked by jimmelo on Jun 10, 2009
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Creating Serial number for old database


Hello everyone, this seems like something I should have been able to figure out by now, but so far I have had no success and I haven't been able to find a usefull answer by searching.  Sorry if this is a real basic question.


We have a FM database that my company has been using for years, prior to my arrival.  So we have well over 7K records that all ready exist.  I am trying to extend the functionality of the database and I need to create a matter ID field for each file that is all ready in existence and for all the new files that are created afterwards.  I know how to make it work for all the new records but how do I write the script for the old records???


For now I have that field modifiable but once I populate my current records with a serial number I would make that field unmodifiable, unique and a serial value that would be entered upon commit.  This really seems like it should be easy. 



 Enter Browse Mode[]

Go to Layout  ["Firm" (Client Page)]

Show All Records

Sort Records [Restore]

Go to Record/REquest/Page [First]

Set Next Serial Value [Firm::Client ID] <--- I also had Insert Text "1")


   Go to Record/Request/Page [Next; Exit after last]

   Set Next Serial Value [Firm::Client ID]  

End Loop