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Creating Serial number from Text and Number

Question asked by ArtL on Sep 30, 2010
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Creating Serial number from Text and Number



New to the forum.  Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out.  Much appreciated. :)

OK, my problem....

I wish to create a serial number from the first 3 letters of the Last Name.

I wish to have an automatically generated number with every new record.

I wish to merge the two.


Elmer Fudd creates a new record.

FUD are the three letters taken from the Last Name.

if the next record number is 1234

The serial number would be:  FUD1234

Left ( name ; 3 )

Gets me the 3 letters.

Auto Enter, Serial number, Generate on Creation, Next number

Gets me the next number..... 1234

So, my question is.....

How to put the two together in a TEXT field with the new number FUD1234?