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    Creating short-cut



      Creating short-cut




      I have install FMP in user PCs & FMP Server and installed all the database. Nowm user need to open the database by clicking


      File > Open Remote ...


      Can I create a short-cut (icon) and when user double click the icon, main menu of the system will be run, and I think its easier instead of the above method.


      So, how to do that, please advice me.



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          Hi mayor


          There are a number of ways to do this, including using exe files in a remote location and maybe someone else will chip in with the best way to do that, but if you are using FileMaker 9 or 10 then you can try to use 'Send Link' option, open the hosted file and go 'File > Send Link', which creates an email with a URL link to the database, you could then take this and create a shortcut for people to place on the desktop or start menu.


          I have not tried it on Windows but find it works great on our Mac network.

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            I'm using FMP 9.0. I have tried your way but I got this message.





            In order to connect to the database using this link:

              - The client must have FileMaker installed on their computer.

              - The database file must be open on the host machine.

              - Any firewalls between the client and server must allow FileMaker sharing.

              - The client must have a valid account and password.

              - The client and the host must be on the same local area network.


            What next?


            One more thing is "database file must be open on the host machine". How to do that.

            For your info, I have installed FM Server 9 to host my database.




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              OK so now you have the address of the database "fmp7://" first check that clicking on that address in the email opens the file.


              And if it does then you need to create a shortcut based on that URL, like I said I have not done this on a PC and dont have one to hand to test for you, but on the Mac I paste the URL into my web browser and without clicking go or hitting enter I drag the URL to the Desktop to create a shortcut.


              The double clicking this should open the database, if it does work then you can simply pass that file onto your users to place in there Start Menu, or wherever they want to click it from, and hopefully job done.


              -- Orlando 

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                I try to create the shortcut like this and it works.


                RightButton > New > Shortcut


                Copy fmp7:// and Paste to the text box and click Next


                Enter the name of the short cut and click Finish.





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                  Make a FileMaker file do the work for you and place it where you would have placed the shortcut. It can open the file directly or you can use a menu to can create logins for multiple servers and then attach each to a unique button.


                  Button 1: open fred's server

                  Button 2: open john's server

                  Button 3: ....


                  Give each user a copy of this file to place on their desktop. Now its a super shortcut.


                  Password protect it and it will auto-open any of the files sharing the same account name otherwise info needed.

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                    Please stop reviving ancient threads. The OPs are probably all long gone.


                    Why isn't this forum moderated?

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                      Hi again.


                      You should discuss this with the forum admin rather than playing traffic cop. If the forum allows old threads to be replied to, then the US constitution guarantees freedom of speech.


                      Besides, even though the OP is long gone, there are new readers who can benefit from my brilliant post which is a simpler, more powerful idea.

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                        Your "brilliant" post? Come on . . .