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    Creating specific reports



      Creating specific reports



           newbie here. I've been entrusted with the job of databasing with the charity I work for. we decided on FileMaker Pro 12 and bought it. I've created a few databases including a simple contacts database and now we want to create some reports based on the people in the database.

           For instance, we want a list of everybody in our database who is over 18 and lives in a certain area

           How can we achieve this? I've been able to list people by age or location through the Layout/Reports but that still shows everybody rather than excluding anybody under the age of 18. 

           So out of the 250-odd people in the database.. the end result would be everybody who's 18 and lives in London. For example.



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               Enter find mode

               Enter >= 18 in the age field

               Enter London in the city field

               Perform the find and you should find all contacts where the person's age is greater than or equal to 18 AND that live in London.

               This can also be scripted

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                 Sorry I mean I wanted it to be presented as a report so it can be printed.

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              http://extensitech.com/blog/chris-cain/power-finds/   Power Finds

                   Let’s say you want to find everyone who is named Chris OR is female. You want to find all the Female records, whether they’re named Chris or not, and all the Chris’, whether they’re Female or not.
                   First, enter the Find mode and enter “Chris” in the name field. Next, under the Requests menu, select “New Request” (or hit control/command + n). Now you have a second request. For that request, enter “Female” in the gender field. Now hit enter.  You should find seven records. Four have a gender of Female. Four have the name “Chris”. One, Christina Ricci, has both.
                   Adding new requests is like telling FileMaker I want this OR that.

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                     Again, thanks but - forgive me if I'm being dumb - it seems as if that's just finding records and viewing them on the screen. What I need is to create a report to print and show to superiors..

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                       Create a new Layout in LIST form and on a single line, drag the fields you need to display for each record.  Then do the find and the records from the found set will appear on the New List Layout.  Then do Print.


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                         Finding records is the first step to producing a report and that was the first part of the process you seemed to be having trouble with. Once you have a found set of the records you want, you can sort them and then design any number of different reports that display data from your found set of records.