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Creating Stacked Bar Charts from Survey Results

Question asked by AlanJames on May 20, 2013
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Creating Stacked Bar Charts from Survey Results


     I have results from a survey which I have imported into a Filemaker 12 file with the relationship 

     Respondants > Responses < Questions

     This works very well for analysing the majority of the questions. 

     One set of questions I am having problems charting though are where I have several separate questions asking about different competitor web sites.

     1) Do you visit websiteA - Daily, Weekly, Occasionally, Never

     2) Do you visit websiteB - Daily, Weekly, Occasionally, Never

     etc. for around 12 web sites.

     What I want to create is a stacked bar chart with websiteA, websiteB etc. along the bottom, and the stacked bar showing the various responses for each web site. I can easily identify which answer corresponds to which question but I can't figure out what the sort order is to get the chart to display the separate questions as separate bars.

     Any help appreciated.