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Creating structure for mobile image database

Question asked by NiceData on Aug 15, 2012
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Creating structure for mobile image database



I have been reading about how to "link" to a folder of images so that you don't have embed them in the database and thus keep the file size more manageable. The approach that seems simplest is the method where you create a calculation field where it calculates the image path. 

I am hoping that someone can help me derive the FMPro syntax to write the formula and create the field. I would like the path to be relative to the database rather than absolute such that I could move the entire directory that houses the databases and images to a thumb drive, to another computer, or simply to another directory on the network...etc and the calculation would hold up. Is this possible in FMPro?

Let's say the database is stored at the root directory "../ImageCatalog.fp7" and the images live in "../images/" and the image filenames are based on the ID# or barcode field called "NUMBER". So, any particular image's path would be:


Preferably I would like the images to display as a small thumbnail object that when clicked opens the file in the computer's default image viewer.

Now wondering if someone could walk me through creating the proper field parameters and calculation to achieve this?