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Creating student reports... This is going to be a struggle

Question asked by dane1 on Feb 3, 2010
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Creating student reports... This is going to be a struggle



I work for an online high school that uses 5 different online programs for their curriculum. We deal with many rehabilitation treatment centers, and give weekly reports for each of them. Right now it takes us 2-3 days to key in all the data into exell. As you can tell, this is not working for us. We purchased FileMaker Pro 10 advanced in hopes of making this process easier, but I am having trouble figuring out how to compile all the information. We want to be able to just download the reports from the 5 sources, and then click on import records and have it compile the information for us. Here is the format of what we send out.


- The Students Name

- The Name of the Treatment Center they are at.

- A List of their classes along with the last weeks progress, this weeks progress, and overall grade in each class.


I'm positive that there is a way do to this, I just can't figure it out.


Just as a note the exell file we receive from the 5 sources often includes a students name 3-5 times separating each record by the class and it's information.


If anyone has any answers to this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.