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Creating subfolders and reporting multiple jobs

Question asked by john.s on Dec 28, 2013
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Creating subfolders and reporting multiple jobs



I Need a way to track sports teams coverage for multiple schools.  The least for to be able to track games under multiple schools.  Here is an example.

We have contracts with school A B C and D.  Those schools play various other schools and also each other.  When a photographer covers a game they will enter data into FM database, a job name is generated, and a folder is created on the desktop with that job name.  The format of the job name for action sports is yyyymmdd_sport_hometeam_vs_opponent  when the sport is something like cross country or swimming there could be several of our teams participating in which case I need to create a separate folder for each team within a master folder for the event.  For example the master folder would be yymmmmdd_swim_meet_at_location.  The location may not be one of our schools. I need to be able to report for each school but also need to know that it was a single event covered by a single photographer.


I have a table of schools we contract with and we need to report all the activity we covered for each school and also need to be sure we have covered all their sports, proms, and other special events.  I have the senior photos and special events working but have hit a snag with the sports.  The layout for creating an action sports job currently has a drop down list of schools we contract with and I use that to capture the first team.  I put in an opponent text field but that doesn’t help when the opponent is one of our schools.  I also don’t know how to handle the cross country or swimming type of sports where several of our teams participate. I’m thinking checkbox but the list of schools could get very large and don’t know how I would report out when some are not our schools.  We currently cover eleven schools...each with about 30 sports teams when you count boys and girls and spring and winter sports...and they each play a lot of other schools that we do not contract with.


To complicate things even more I need to put subfolders inside the job folder for each team so the photographer can sort the photos and send them to the appropriate school.


I received some very valuable help from this forum in creating the job names and  folders and was able to get that working...then I hit this wall.


I’m still very new at you probably can tell...and can use all the help I can get.





Here are screen shots of the relationship table, input screen and fields for the jobs table.