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    Creating Subsummary reports



      Creating Subsummary reports


      Hi there,


      I am trying to create a summary report which will analise the data in a number of tables in a file. There are a few fields in different tables with info I want to summaraise. E.g., I have a number of clients with indivual clientID numbers and I want to count how many of them correspond to each age group, which are specified by a value list in a pop up menu (, 18-30, 30-40 etc). I also want to get these totals in percentages.


      Is there a limit to the amount of fields I can summaraise in any one report and can I include fields from different tables? Apologies if this is a bit vague. 





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          Limit to number of summary fields?


          No practical limit that I know of.


          Including fields from other tables?

          Yes, you can do that in most cases.


          See this tutorial for an example that includes fields from another table:

          Creating Filemaker Pro summary reports--Tutorial



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            Hi there,


            Many thanks for this subsummary tutorial. I understand what is going on in relation to this but cannot seem to apply it to what I am trying to do.


            Basically, I am trying to create a report that will tell me how many clients correspond to different age categories which are specified on the table by a pop up menu. I am trying to create a report that will look like this:




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              Sorry, I pressed the post button before I had finished this...


              Age        No. of clients      %of clients

              0-18          15                    4%

              18-30         4                      2%




              I also wanted to do something similar with various checkbox sets. However, I have been reading some of the other posts and it seems that I should have put these values in seperate tables and inserted potals into the main table in order to create this type of subsummary report. Im not sure if i'm right about this. If so, how do I transport the data from all the checkboxes for each record into a new portal?


              Any help would be great.



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                Age is a text field populated by choosing from a value list correct?


                Create a sub-summary report with no body part (The tutorial describes this option.)

                Make it a sub-summary when sorted by Age.


                Place your age field in this sub summary part. Define summary fields for the other two items.


                No. of Clients will be a "count of" summary field (Specify any field in the table that is never empty as the field that is "counted")

                %of clients will be a "Fraction of total" field which you can format to display as a percentage after you add this field to your layout.


                When you sort your records, specify the value list option for your age field so that the records sort in the same order as the order of values in your value list.


                PS. if you discover mistakes/omissions in your post (like I just did), you can select an edit option from the upper left corner of your message box to edit messages after you have posted them :smileywink: