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Creating Sum (Summarize) according to categories on Portal

Question asked by TorstenHendricks on Aug 17, 2012
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Creating Sum (Summarize) according to categories on Portal


Dear all, 

I have in a portal various categories (Category A, Category B, Category C). All categories have different values. I will need to have summarize them according to the category via the portal and remain on the layout. 

Does anybody has an idea how to do it? Portal looks like the following (just example) 

Category A - 10 

Category A - 20 

Category A - 15 

Category B - 21 

Category B - 40 

Now I would like to have the final total amount for each category: 

Category A: In total 45 

Category B: In total 41 

I am able to include a grand total but not a sum according to the categories.